(Last update on 26 Sep. 2020)

  1. Definitions

    – BITMAIN EXPRESS LTD established in England and Wales, Company number 12995941 is referred to in these general terms and conditions as the seller.

    – The counterparty of seller is referred to in these general terms and conditions as the buyer.

    – Parties are buyer and seller together.

    – The agreement means the purchase agreement between the parties.

  1. Applicability of the terms and conditions

    – These terms and conditions apply to all quotes, offers, agreements and deliveries of goods and services by or on behalf of seller.
  1. Payment – The full amount of the purchase price must be paid in advance for the order to be finalised. This also applies for pre – sale products.

    – If the buyer does not pay on time, he is in default and the seller is entitled to suspend his obligations until the buyer meets the payment obligations.

    – If the buyer remains in default, the seller will resort to collection procedures. The costs related to that collection are borne by the buyer.

  1. Right to cancel the agreement

    – You have a right to cancel the agreement and return the purchased products within 14 days of receiving them. In order to do so, you must contact us by email or phone. We will reimburse you of all payments in the same manner as they were paid within a 14 day period.

    – You will lose the right to cancel the agreement if the products are damaged, used or modified in any manner.

  1. Delivery and transfer of risk

    – As soon son as the purchased product is received from the buyer, the risk transfers from the seller to the buyer.
  1. Claims – The buyer should examine whether the quality and quantity of the delivery corresponds with what the parties have agreed, that the quality and quantity meet the requirements that apply therefore in normal trade.

    – All claims must be submitted by the buyer in writing form within 14 days of delivery of the products.

    – After the complaint being declared to be grounded within the set term, the seller has the right either to repair or to make a new delivery.

  2. Delivery – The seller offers Free Standard Delivery, if this is the option chosen by the buyer, then all shipping costs are borne by the seller.

    – The costs for Express Shipping are borne by the buyer.

    – A term for delivery stated by the seller is indicative. It does not present a deadline

  3. Warranty– If a warranty is included in the agreement, the following applies. The seller guarantees that the product will work without defect for the time of the warranty.

    – All costs concerning repairs and transportation of the product are covered by the seller.

    – The warranty will not be valid if the defect has arisen as a result of inexpert or improper use or when – without permission – buyer or third parties have made changes or have tried to make changes or have used the purchased item for purposes for which it is not intended.

  1. Applicable law – This agreement between buyer and seller is subject to English law. The English courts have jurisdiction.
  1. Changes to the terms and conditions.– Changes to these terms and conditions will take effect only after they have been published. We retain the right to change any of the listed terms and conditions at any time.